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Episode Featuring Allen Sammut Part 1

This month’s episode features an amazing collaboration with Allen Sammut CEO and MD of Sammut Group.

If you’re in the industry you’ll no doubt have heard of Sammut Group and the amazing developments they have delivered and have in the pipeline.

What you may not know is the rich family history and heritage that three generations of the Sammut family have been building and nurturing over the last 40 years.

I always marvel at how family businesses begin, evolve and successfully pass the baton on to the next generation who in turn add their touch and legacy. This was one of the primary reasons I wanted to speak with Allen to find out more about his stories and journey.

Suffice to say, given the success that Sammut Group has achieved, Allen is one of the most humble and modest business leaders I’ve had the privilege to speak with.

I wont say too much more as I’ll let Allen’s passion for both his company and his projects do the talking.

So with that in mind, settle in and enjoy a fantastic journey by an amazing individual.