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From Sea to C-Suite; employees embrace work-from-hometown freedom

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Leading Sydney developer Sammut Group is tapping into an emerging trend among professionals seeking modern workplaces within their local area.

Following on from its sold-out PARC project, Sammut Group has four commercial suites left in its mixed-use Cronulla luxury development, VUE and is fielding strong inquiries from Sutherland Shire residents keen to secure convenient modern office space and avoid lengthy commute times.

Sammut Group Chief Operating Officer Julian Sammut said his team recognised the strong move towards not just working from home, but working from your hometown, and responded accordingly.

“The commercial suites in the lower podium of VUE are a direct response to the number of local professionals I’ve met who’ve told me they would love an office in Cronulla,” Mr Sammut said.

“These offices are right in the heart of Cronulla, close to the beach, the promenade, restaurants, and cafes. This makes the work/life balance a lot easier to achieve.”

Highland Group Chief Executive Officer David Highland had also noticed a growing trend among businesses and employees for satellite offices as part of a broader hybrid working model.

He said in the past three years the demand from workers wanting to combine lifestyle with work that would help elevate productivity levels was on the rise, particularly in coastal areas such as Cronulla.

“Innovative developers such as Sammut Group are tapping into the growing demand for high-end well connected and curated spaces that complement the traditional office environment,” he said.

“Employees, entrepreneurs and executives may still be required to travel into a central office hub in the city but need a similarly supportive environment for the rest of their working week.”

“This is where smaller, custom office spaces have come into their own, saving people considerable time while helping to maintain productivity levels and keep them connected to their local community.”

A DSpark report commissioned by TTF (Tourism and Transport Forum Australia) in May 2023, revealed that just 64% of Sydney workers are back behind their city desks. And with employees demanding flexibility, the Sammut Group solution makes perfect sense.

Highland Head of Project Marketing Luke Barbuto said brand new office suites in Cronulla were a rarity and highly sought after.

“There is no brand-new commercial stock left except for the four suites we have at VUE,” Mr Barbuto said.

“The last commercial project that we marketed was PARC in May 2022, also by Sammut Group. The entire building sold out within weeks.”

Mr Barbuto said buyers were predominantly local professionals who wanted more convenient working environments having grown tired of the time and expense required to commute into the CBD each day.

“Highland recently sold one of the suites to a solicitor/conveyancer who decided he wanted to live and work locally and enjoy all of the lifestyle benefits that Cronulla has to offer, with its relaxed beachside atmosphere. The ability to head off to a brand-new office close to home, allows him to spend more time with his family and not waste hours a week travelling,” Mr Barbuto said.

“Another benefit of having a brand-new office space is that you can use it as a bit of a recruitment tool, attracting talent who would rather work in a shiny new office rather than something old and tired.”

The four remaining suites range in size from 104 sqm to 191 sqm and are being sold as a shell ready to be fitted out to suit the occupant.